I am the “artist friend” which means I frequently get asked to do volunteer “artist” type projects, which I love. Today I became the ACME Jungle Sign Co. My good friends are organizing the local cub scout day camp and needed a sign for the snack store and for a “brag flag.” Both of which had to have a jungle theme. I love giving back to scouting. My son is an Eagle Scout and he started way back in cub scouts!
I love painting typography, but I am not that great at it without a guide. I found the perfect font online, called Gilligan’s Island, and set it up on my computer to the exact size I needed. I printed it out, in pieces, taped it together, covered the back side with charcoal (graphite from a pencil works too), taped the whole thing to the wood, and then traced the front side while the charcoal left lines on the wood (just like carbon paper would have). Then I mixed the color I wanted and painted it out.The cool thing about this font is that my edges didn’t have to be perfect!

Next, they needed a flag painted for the most awarded patrol of the day to carry–the “Brag Flag.” My sweet friend found the “perfect” fabric, leopard skin flannel. Only she didn’t realize that flannel is impossible to paint on. The poor girl is already stressed out so I didn’t say a word. In my business it is my job to make things work – not the client’s. I use my imagination and I figure out another way.

I used the same font and printed out the words that I needed. Then I found some old canvas in the garage and by holding the printout on the canvas, I cut around each letter. I used fabric glue and attached each letter, then repeated it on the other side. It is perfect! It will be attached to a wooden flag pole and “WAH LA” it is done!