I determined a few years ago that I wanted to do work that had eternal value. There is a lot of it out there, but I knew I needed to intersperse it with work that also paid the bills. Last week’s trip to San Vicente, Baja was perfect for a creative worker-bee like me. We worked out of a place called the Remnant Center, a non-denominational mission outpost for training pastors and missionaries in Mexico. (The Remnant Center is also working to discover and map all the many Mixtec native dialects for the Indian-Mexican people throughout the region.)


My small job was to work on a room makeover for the children of a young missionary family, who are investing in the youth of this area. This busy couple lives in a tiny, maybe 300 sq. ft., home with concrete walls and floors, a kitchen without cupboards and a sink that drains into the yard. Their simple life was uncomplicated with “things.” They seemed free to pour into the young people, giving them hope for the future. The work I did, didn’t give them money, it didn’t make their life easier, it didn’t directly tell anyone about God, but it did show their kids that people care about what their parents are doing. That we see value in the eternal investment they have committed to.


I was in my happy place painting a mural of Dora the Explorer. I am thankful that God gave me the ability to paint and design. I am thankful that I was able to give that gift to a little Mexican girl named Angelica.