When a client walks through our doors looking for book design and illustration we jump. This is the total package that we love. I love getting to use my illustration skills and my experience in book design all on one job.

Today more and more ordinary people are finding the story within them, and self-publishing is enabling their stories to be heard. Having self-published my own book, I understand the ins-and-outs of the publishing world and can help direct my clients to see their own book come to life.

The story of AJ the Spider Excavator comes alive in the life of client, Eric Monson. He owns and operates the real life version of AJ. We all know how boys love their tractors and Eric is no different. After many years of operating the only excavator of its kind on the west coast a TV show called Mega Machines did a show on Eric and his Spider Excavator. After getting 97,000 hits on YouTube he realized how boys of all ages are fascinated by it and began developing a series of characters around AJ and Voilà , a picture book was born. This is no ordinary excavator and it makes for a super fun and challenging illustration project for me.

There will be 17 illustrations in all. Here’s a sneak peak at the work in process

Childrens' book Illustration - Atascadero Illustration & Graphic Design - Studio 101 West - Excavator
first finished painting
Spider Excavator - StrolesTriService - West Coast Excavation - Atascadero Illustration & Graphic Design
work in progress
Childrens' book Illustration sketches - Atascadero Illustration & Graphic Design - Studio 101 West - Excavator
sketches for two more illustrations

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