It is really exciting to us when one of our clients gets some fame. We just got word that BSI Adhesives, one of our longest standing clients, had their glue used for the creation of the dress which was a first place winner in the World of Wearable Art Show (WOW) in New Zealand.

Vicky Robertson was the winner of the WOW’s 2013 Shell Sustainability Award. The dress you see, is made of 15,000 old computer keys, glued to a yoga mat base with 27 ounces of BSI Insta-cure! She calls the creation Queen Qwerty.

There were a total of 158 entries by 178 designers (some, who worked in pairs on one entry) chosen to appear in this year’s show to compete for a prize pool of 37 awards. Sixteen New Zealand-designed garments won 18 awards and 19 awards were won by 16 international designs. Twelve Honorable Mentions were made – half and half between New Zealand and international designed garments.

BSI’s adhesives are used for all kinds of projects, world-wide. Studio 101 West Marketing and Design proudly produces all their marketing materials.